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Live the life you were made for.

Through online sessions, Essential Inquiry gives you the tools to overcome the challenges holding you back from living a happy and meaningful life.

Overcome Fear, Insecurity, and Negative Thinking.  

Through online sessions, Essential Inquiry gives you the tools to overcome the challenges holding you back from living a happy and meaningful life.

Counselling services with Simon Thomson, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC).

Live the Life you were made for.

Through online sessions Essentail Inquiry gives you the tools to overcome the challenges holding you back from living a happy and meaningfull life.

Stop repeating old negative behaviours and patterns

Learn innovative ways to regulate your emotions

Build lasting meaningful relationships

Do you feel stuck unable to create the life you want?

  • Want to change but not sure where to start?

  • Have you tried therapy or coaching before, and it hasn’t worked?

  • Are you struggling in your relationship(s)?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed?

  • Are you relying on coping mechanisms such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, or work?

  • Has life lost meaning and purpose for you?

I believe you deserve the life you dream of, one with meaning, fulfilment, purpose, and happiness.

What Clients are Saying.

"Essential Inquiry is recommended on Gabor Maté resource guide."

"Working with Simon taught me to see relationships in a new light. It has tremendously helped me understand my own motivation and those of others!"


"Simon has helped me work through all areas of my life, including my physical health, relationships, and career. I now engage in life at a deeper level than I knew possible."


How essential Inquiry is different

IFS Trained.

Internal Family Systems is a powerful psychotherapy tool to explore your internal dynamics, what motivates you both in your conscious and subconscious mind.


After 20 years of my own spiritual journey and supporting others to do the same I have gained a deep and intimate understanding with this sometimes confusing and misleading landscape. 

PMP Certified.

Project Management teaches us there is no such thing as a problem just a project. Once we break down your goals, it will be easier to achieve them.

What you get.

Essential Inquiry combines various techniques including IFS, Self-Inquiry, Somatic therapy, mindfulness, project management, and counselling techniques. This combination provides you with a unique set of tools that help you better your life and achieve your goals. 

  • Hundreds of clients supported.

  • Experience with all ages and socio-economic backgrounds

  • Experience dealing with trauma and PTSD.

  • Customizable sessions to suit your unique needs.

When you are ready to start, I am here to help.

5. We'll develop tools and strategies specific to your needs to help you realise your goals.

4. With compassionate inquiry and insight, you will discover how and why they are holding you back.

3. We identify the ideas & beliefs that drive your behaviour and decision.

2. We get to know the challenges you face.

1. Book your free discovery session with me. 

I started Essential Inquiry to Help people just like you...

I know what it's like to struggle. I know because I have lived it. Most of us don't realise how much our minds affect our happiness and success. We let fear, insecurities and negative thinking hold us back from living a full life.

When it comes to navigating our minds and emotional experience, there are tools available that we should be taught but aren’t. I’ve spent the better part of 20 years searching for methods that show actual results. Let me help you save some time.


At Essential Inquiry.

I help you get unstuck by using the Internal Family Systems Model (IFS), an evidence-based model of psychotherapy. We'll explore your feelings, thoughts and behaviours. You'll learn how past experiences shaped who you are today.

You'll understand what is driving your limiting beliefs so you can make lasting changes in your life. Working together, we will clarify how specific thoughts are holding you back. This awareness allows you to take control of your choices, live a more prosperous life.


There is HOPE.


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