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Essential Inquiry is here to support anyone who is interested in waking up, or who is finding themselves being woken up by life.

We can get to a point in life were we are looking around and saying, "I have tried everything and nothing is filling this empty feeling – not the new job, new car, new partner, or new home." The new things can bring some relief, a moment of feeling complete or of having succeeded in life. Unfortunately, we usually find ourselves back to seeking the next new thing. And it is not just the material objects that seem to let us down. Self-help books and different spiritual teachings can also be the new things we seek to fulfill the emptiness.

Often what is missing is we do not actually know Who is doing the seeking. Sometimes we think we know who is looking, which can be an even greater hindrance. A great quote by Mooji points right at the crux of this dilemma: "You do not wake to the Truth by analyzing the dream - find out who the dreamer is." Self Inquiry is the most direct route you can take to find out who you are. For millennium, sages from all traditions have pointed us inward. Knowing this, and experiencing this for ourselves is like finding the master key to liberation from confusion and suffering.

For most of us, it is not enough to be told who we are, or to read it in a book. We actually need to be directly engaged in our own inquiry. Self Inquiry, with the intention of directly experiencing ourselves, is the most effective way to cut through the illusion. This is the orientation behind all the work offered by Essential Inquiry, be it an Enlightenment Intensive, Silent Retreat, or a private session. The value of directly experiencing and communicating your truth is that it enables you to live more consciously and in closer contact with others. Discovering who you are dissolves a huge segments of life's uncertainty and pain, and awakens you to a life free from your conditioned past.

This exploration requires a radical kind of allowing – an inner listening and courageous humility, to be in ourselves without rejecting anything. A deep love and devotion to this process is the driving force behind Essential Inquiry.

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